Pharmacy List

SK&A’s Pharmacy List Segments Thousands of Pharmacists

Pharmacy List – Telephone-Verified Every 6 Months, 157,000 Pharmacist Names, BPA Audited Yearly, 75,000 Pharmacies, 100% Deliverable, 14 Job Titles

For a Quick Quote, please contact us at or fill out the form to the right “I needed to communicate with a very specific pharmacy audience. Two well-respected trade journals pointed me to SK&A, and I soon learned why.” – Mike Stotz, Manager, Business Development, Kirby Lester, LLC

Inside the Pharmacist List, You Will Find:

- Geography
- Monthly prescription volume
- Pharmacy type
- Pharmacist emails
- Whether the site is retail or institutional
- Whether the retail site is part of a chain or independent
- Number of stores in pharmacy chain
- Hospital and nursing home pharmacy locations
- Pharmacy’s primary wholesaler
- Gender and much more

Benefit from SK&A’s List of Pharmacists in Your Next Campaign

Healthcare industry journals report daily on the dynamic changes in pharmacy ownership. To keep pace with this ever-changing market, SK&A database researchers continually call every pharmacy in the U.S. We've developed the country's most comprehensive list of names and job titles of all levels of pharmacists at all types of pharmacies. Whether they're independent pharmacies, multi-store chains or institutions, we'll tell you who the decision makers are at each level. We can even provide prescription volume information.

Effective Pharmacy Lists with Multiple Marketing-Channel Capabilities

SK&A’s pharmacy list connects you with thousands of pharmacists and pharmacy managers. The pharmacy list can be used to reach audiences by direct-mail, email, telemarketing and fax-broadcast campaigns. This information is telephone-verified every six months, by SK&A’s team of 105 researchers.